Innocent Spouse Relief

Clear Your Name with a Santa Clarita Tax Lawyer

When you and your spouse sign a joint income tax return and successfully file it, you will both be held entirely responsible for any taxes owed. Likewise, you will also both be held accountable for any illegitimate practices that may be used to try to avoid paying your collective taxes. It is not unheard of, however, for one spouse to be entirely unaware of the other’s unlawful actions, and you may request innocent spouse relief.

As the IRS has some valid reasons to be skeptical of your claims of innocence, the process for earning innocent spouse relief can be quite detailed and complicated. The wise choice is to retain the help of a Santa Clarita tax attorney from RJB Law Offices today. Starting with a free case evaluation, we can begin to assess your claims and carefully guide you to a fair, beneficial outcome.

Experienced Representation Can Make All the Difference

Wandering into a case against the IRS without proper preparation and legal guidance can be an exercise in futility. For something as important as proving your innocence from your spouse’s questionable practices or poor financial planning, you will want to know that you are supported by a law firm that has both know-how and compassion.

RJB Law Offices are distinguished through multiple awards and accomplishments, including:

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • “Excellent” Rating from Avvo
  • Continual review and study of changes in tax law
  • Membership to the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

Get the Relief You Deserve

When you request innocent spouse relief, you will need to prove not only that you were not involved with your spouse’s erroneous activities but also that you were fully unaware of them. Punishable actions include failing to report all income or intentionally posting incorrect values to deductions and credits. With our firm’s assistance, however, you can be found innocent of any misconduct and be relieved of responsibility for:

  • Owed taxes
  • Interest payments
  • Related penalties
  • Levy and lien responsibilities

It should be noted that if you are found to be aware of any delinquencies, you can still earn partial pardons by only being held accountable for portions of owed taxes. This can be extremely difficult to obtain without the professional assistance of a tax attorney.

Call RJB Law Offices Today to Resolve Your Tax Issues

The Santa Clarita tax lawyers at our firm believe that no one should have to pay for violations that they did not commit. Clearing your name and receiving innocent spouse relief – whether you are still married to your spouse or divorced – can provide you with an appreciated sense of liberation. Contact us as soon as you can in order to separate yourself from any harsh penalties that your spouse may have incurred for illegitimate tax practices.

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