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Valencia Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Are You In Jeopardy Of Your Wages Being Garnished?

Wage garnishment occurs when money is taken directly out of your paycheck by the entity that you owe it to before you receive the check. Wage garnishments are done when you owe a creditor or the government money that you could not or would not pay on your own volition. The creditor will get a judgment against you from the court which gives it permission to remove money from your check. Wages may be garnished for debts owed to creditors, failure to pay student loans, or because of unpaid taxes. The government does not need a judgment by the court to garnish your wages.

There are limits to the amount of money that can be deducted from your paycheck. Wage garnishment must be no more that 25% of your disposable income. It is not uncommon for employers to hold back a larger percentage of your earned income than the 25% allowable by law. An experienced Valencia debt negotiation lawyer from RJB Law Offices can assist you in recovering those wages and can also educate you on the wage garnishment process.

IRS Wage Garnishment

One of the most frequent users of the wage garnishment process is the IRS. The amount they can garnish depends on the amount of money owed, marital status and how many dependents you have. When a state court orders a garnishment, state law determines the maximum amount that may be removed from your paycheck.

It is mandatory for the IRS to send you a notice stating that the back taxes you owe will be recovered by the process of wage garnishment. Such letters are usually sent out 30 days prior to the start of this tax recovery process.

When the Internal Revenue Service starts threatening you with wage garnishment and levies, our well-informed legal team has much expertise negotiating with them, persuading them to accept other forms of IRS tax resolution, such as installment payment plans and offers in compromise. We will also advocate on your behalf regarding any state tax matters such as those involving the Franchise Tax Board, the State Board of Equalization and the EDD.

If you need help with a wage garnishment matter, contact our firm today. 

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