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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy protection to get financial relief from soaring debt, you will want to know if you will be able to keep your personal assets such as your home, vehicle and possessions. Under chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must submit a full list of your assets and debts to the court to determine if you have any non-exempt assets that can be liquidated to pay off some of your debt. In California there are two sets of exemptions that can be used and choosing which best applies to you will require the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. To find out more about how you can protect your home, car and personal possessions you should speak to Valencia bankruptcy attorney at RJB Law Offices.

The exemptions charts are designed to protect such assets as equity in your home and car as well as your personal possessions such as clothing, appliances and jewelry. Most other assets such as pension, unemployment, disability and insurance benefits are also exempt. We have been assisting our clients get their unsecured debts completely eliminated through chapter 7 bankruptcy since 2001. Come in for a free consultation and we can discuss all the benefits you could experience through bankruptcy protection. After a thorough review of your debts, income and assets, we can advise you on what you can expect from chapter 7 bankruptcy. Over 90% of our clients keep all of their assets while having their debts wiped clean.

Bankruptcy Exemptions Attorney in Valencia

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do more than just protect your equity and belongings. Any threats of foreclosure, repossession or wage garnishment will be stopped. All collection calls will cease. The court will review your assets and debts and either:

  • Allow you to keep all your assets and discharge your unsecured debt completely, or
  • Liquidate any non-exempt assets to pay off your creditors and then discharge any remaining debt

When you meet with your attorney, you can expect a complete review of your finances and a clear explanation of what to expect. We will help you file all the necessary documentation and walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

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