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There are many myths and common misconceptions surrounding the subject of bankruptcy. One of the most common myths is that only financially irresponsible people file for bankruptcy. This is simply not true. Most people who file have not taken any unusual risks or acted irresponsibly to cause their financial condition. Loss of a job, illness, injury, or divorce can upset the financial balance in almost anyone's life. If you are facing overwhelming debt, you need the help of an experienced Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer.

At the RJB Law Offices, we understand the difficulties and stress you are going through as you struggle to make your decision about bankruptcy or other types of debt relief. Our firm is committed to compassionate legal advocacy, effective solutions, and personal, individual attention. We treat every client with dignity and respect. We offer a free online consultation to help you begin the process of gaining control of your financial situation.

Common Myths about Bankruptcy

Many people believe that filing bankruptcy will ruin their credit for 10 years. This is not true. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, but that does not mean that your credit rating will suffer for that long. For many people, filing bankruptcy helps them get control of their finances and start paying bills on time. This improves their credit rating, and the recovery process can take as little as 2 years. Our knowledgeable Santa Clarita bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide if either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right option, or if other debt solutions might be recommended for you. Our goal is to provide you with the legal option that will best serve your needs in resolving your debt problems.

Another common myth is that changes to the bankruptcy law in 2005 made it difficult for most people to file for bankruptcy. Although the law did change, in fact, approximately 95% of the people who would have qualified for Chapter 7 before 2005 would still qualify today. We know how daunting and overwhelming debt can be. Let our seasoned Santa Clarita bankruptcy attorney provide the legal guidance and help you need for a brighter financial future. Contact us.

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