Why Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Is bankruptcy the best option for you?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it may not appear to make sense for you to spend money on hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. You may believe that it is workable to just hire someone to prepare the paperwork for you for a lesser fee, or maybe even do it alone. With all due respect, this is probably not a course of action that you should undertake. It would be much more advantageous to you both emotionally and financially, if you hire an experienced Valencia bankruptcy lawyer. We have worked with thousands of clients who have filed for bankruptcy, and are committed to helping you decide if bankruptcy is the correct option for you.

Why Should You Hire A Valencia Bankruptcy Lawyer?

  • You will be protected from creditor harassment. A skilled attorney will contact annoying debt collectors to make them stop their calls, putting an end to the anxiety, stress and overwhelm you may be experiencing.
  • You do not have the legal expertise needed to competently manage the complicated bankruptcy process. Much preparation is done before the bankruptcy hearing. If not done precisely and correctly, the result may prove to be a costly and disastrous one.
  • You may be putting your property and other assets in danger. Some of the things you own are exempt from bankruptcy, and others are not. If you fail to disclose an asset that could otherwise have been protected, you may lose it for failing to disclose it.
  • Your lack of knowledge may have dire consequences. If you aren't knowledgeable about how to answer the judge's questions, or those from creditors or trustees, you may be putting the success of your bankruptcy at risk and not even be aware of it.
  • One word-paperwork! There is a huge amount of documentation to fill out as part of the bankruptcy process. You must understand the correct procedure for listing your assets in order to protect them. A document preparer is not allowed to give you any legal advice. Only a qualified bankruptcy attorney can do so.

RJB Law Offices can help you protect your home, and give you the financial fresh start that you need to get your life back on track once more.

Contact a Valencia Bankruptcy Attorney today to discuss the option of filing for bankruptcy.

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